50 Social Media Tricks You Haven’t Heard Before

50 Social Media Tricks You Haven’t Heard Before

Top 50 Social Media Tricks to Improve your business Online

The good thing about being a community manager is that you never stop learning. The more you research, read or share knowledge with other colleagues you realize how much you still have to learn. I’m sorry to tell you that we will never know everything about digital marketing, social networks and everything they contain.

Today I want to share 50 social media tricks that you probably did not know – some surely do – that will help you improve the daily management of your social networks. I will specifically talk about certain aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business.

  •  15 Tricks to better manage the fan page of your business on Facebook
  •  Tricks to better manage your Twitter account.
  •  Tricks to succeed on LinkedIn.
  • Tricks to be a true YouTuber.
  • Tricks to succeed on Instagram.
  • Tricks to be visible on Google My Business.

15 tricks to manage the fan page of your business on Facebook

  1. Verification of Facebook fan pages. You don’t have to be a big company or brand to verify your fan page. This will help users to know that the page is authentic. Doing so is very simple. Go to “Settings” and in the third option “Verification of the page” will give you the option to verify it through the phone that appears in the “Information” section. As soon as you click on “Call” you will receive a call with a code on that phone. Indicate in the box the code that you have been told and… You already have your page verified!
  2. Segmentation of publications by language – if you are targeting audiences that speak different languages ​​or by geographical areas when you want to reach an audience in a specific area. This will prevent you from publishing a post with the same text in multiple languages. To do this, you just have to segment by language before publishing or programming it. In the event that this option does not appear, check the settings, specifically: ” Public of the news section and visibility of publications”
  3. Upload videos presenting your company or several attractive images in succession to the cover.
  4. If you manage different advertising campaigns for different clients, do it through Business Facebook. It is the tool that Facebook makes available to digital marketing agencies to safely manage different pages and/or advertising accounts.
  5. Never delete a negative comment, if you don’t want it to be visible, hide it, but whoever wrote it and their friends will still be able to see it. Doing so could work against you as it will only make your users even angrier. The first thing you should do in these cases is to reply to the comment, but when it is offensive or lacks credibility, it is best to hide it, not delete it. The author and his friends will continue to see it, but not the rest of the followers.
  6. Rude filter. If your page, due to its theme, is prone to receiving offensive comments, I recommend you check its configuration. In “profanity filter” change it to high and in “moderation of the page” put those that are likely to be written and that do not interest us: scam, scoundrel, theft, deception … and their derivatives with misspellings. Yes, do not hesitate to write “Sinberguenza”.
  7. User opinions or ratings. We refer to the evaluations that users make about a business with a physical location and that, in addition to the comment, add an evaluation. These, as long as they are positive, will help us improve the online reputation of the company and get other users to trust the company. It is important to know that they cannot be erased. Just answer. If for reason X we receive negative evaluations, it is best to answer them with arguments, so that other users can create their own opinion. However, in the event that we do not want it to appear, we have to choose to hide them all. How? In the information on the page, below the location map, you have the option: Show map and check-ins on the Page. Turn it off. 
  8. By adding different images in a link as a carousel, you can customize each one with a different link. This is highly recommended for example for a fashion eCommerce. If you publish a link to the category “Women’s Shoes”, you can share up to a maximum of 5 photos, in this case, five different shoe models. And then, later, modify the link of each image for the one of the product file in question.
  9. If you want to post a video, don’t post the Youtube link , upload it directly. Facebook will reward you with a greater organic reach. You don’t like content that you direct to other sites.
  10. Create calls to action . Facebook offers us different options: send private messages, contact, register, call … Edit the one that best meets your interests.
  11. The milestones. If one of the values ​​of your company or brand is its history, enrich your page by telling the most outstanding events or ephemeris. A good example of how to manage milestones is the El País fan page. It tells the history of Spain through its covers chronologically.
  12. Private messages. Schedule an automated message so that when someone writes you a message, you quickly get a response.
  13. Customize the tabs that lead to third-party APPs. A few posts ago I already told you about the so-called third-party applications to customize your fan page . Applications that add external content to our fan page. If you wish, you can modify the icon or change the order in which they are displayed. How? Display the tabs menu on your page and click on “Manage tabs”. Here you can change the name that is displayed, the icon and the order.
  14. Upload animated gifs instead of JPGs. Obviously, this will be more expensive than simply creating a JPG image, and therefore more expensive, but the result is very attractive and will improve the engagement of the publication.
  15. If you are a community manager, the best way to learn is by seeing how the leading companies in each sector do it. To do this, create thematic lists of the pages that you are most interested in following.

Tricks to better to better manage yout twitter account

16. Add the url of your website in the BIO . In this way you achieve a quality link that will help you improve your SEO.

17. Add the url of your website in the BIO . In this way you achieve a quality link that will help you improve your SEO.

18. Mention correctly. Always add a “.” at the beginning of a tweet if the first word is a mention of another user.

19. Tag, in a measured way, other users in the images you post. You can tag up to 10 accounts as long as you are providing a benefit to those you tag. The opposite would be SPAM.

20. Use the animated gifs offered by the Twitter APP for mobile to create more attractive tweets.

21. Make sure that when a blog post is shared, the blog’s title and featured image are displayed. For this, you have to insert the famous Twitter Cards on your website or configure them through the SEO pluging, Yoast

Tricks to Succeed on Linkedin

Here are some tips, although in future posts we will talk about how to successfully manage your presence on this professional social network.

22. Customize the url of your personal profile. It is something very simple but that many users do not take it into account. To do this you have to update your profile settings and create a custom url. This way you will improve your personal brand and when communicating it on your business card or in your email signature, it will be much easier.

For example – like mine – https://www.linkedin.com/in/pankaj-dhiman-113764159/

23. Add multimedia content both to your excerpt and to your different posts. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you have videos where a project where you have participated is presented, or a conference that you have given or simply a presentation of your own successful case study , add it to your extract or to the description of the job to which they refer.

24. Describe your “Professional Title” concisely and clearly and add keywords to it. Never put “Inactive job search” or “Looking for new projects“. You are a professional of yours. The only difference between those who are self-employed or employed is, unfortunately, you do not have clients to whom you can sell your products.

25. Share your own content, your company, or third parties. In this way, you will gain visibility among your contacts and it will be a way of showing yourself as an expert in your field. If you want, you can use programming tools. I advise you Hootsuite 

26. If you’re programming with Hootsuite, you have the option of modifying the link image. However, sometimes the option is not visible. When that happens to you, schedule it and then edit it. You will see how the option to change the image appears.

Tricks to be a better Youtuber

27. Check your channel – To do this you will only need a mobile phone number to link it to and access this page: https://www.youtube.com/verify . This will allow you to upload videos of more than 15 minutes, add annotations, broadcast live events, etc.

My you tube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrvkNA1qMIHhRi2CLzbuobQ

28. Optimize your videos for SEO. If you don’t know how, I invite you to read the article ” How to optimize a YouTube video” .

29. Group your videos by lists depending on the theme.

30. Customize the url of your YouTube channel . To do this, you must meet certain requirements: exceed 100 subscribers, have a cover image and avatar, a minimum age of 30 days or have linked your Google+ account with the YouTube channel.

31. Customize the thumbnail image of your videos.  This is another possibility that verified accounts offer. With this you will be able to increase the CTR of your videos. Most of the time, users choose a video based on the thumbnail image.

32. Create gifs with video clips. To do this you must add “gif” to the url of the video, for example www.gifyoutube.com/ … This way you will create your own original content for your posts on other social networks.

33. Share a YouTube video from a specific moment . To do this, you just have to add “t = 20s” at the end of the url if you want it to start from second 20, or t = 45s, if it is from second 45.

34. Download a video very easily. You just have to modify the url and add ss before “youtube”, for example: https: // ss youtube.com/watch?v=9i0s5.

35. Add a description to all the videos you upload. It is very important that, when you are uploading it, you write at least the first paragraph. This, in addition to including keywords, should be a brief description of it.

Tricks to Succeed on Instagram

36. Schedule your posts with tools like Hootsuite, Metricool or Latergram.

37. Create posts as games, giveaways or quizzes to encourage interaction and improve reach.

38. Use all the features that stories allow you to generate engagement: surveys, questions, announce a new post in the feed.

39. Automate responses to private messages . For this you have to access configuration / company / quick answers.

40. Make repost of the images you like the most from other users with the Repost for Instagram APP .

41. If you want to download an image , I recommend the APP Insta Download .

42. Automatically post your photos on Twitter or Facebook . In this way, you will make your account known to your followers. On Facebook I only recommend it on personal profiles. In fan pages, better not, the reach will be less.

43. Create your own collages with the APP Layout .

44. Specialize in a subject that you are passionate about.

45. Analyze which photos your followers like the most. A tool for this is  www.iconosquare.com or use the Instagram statistics if your account is a company account.

Tricks to be found on GMB – Google My Business

46. Get your customers to give positive reviews (4 or 5 stars) . You can encourage them to leave you one, but without “buying” them. If from one day to the next you get 10, Google will be suspicious and may penalize you.

47. Answer all opinions . If they are negative, with more reason, but always in a constructive way.

48. Keep all the information that appears on your Google My Business listing updated .

49. Add attractive images of your facilities or your products.

50. Insert on your website the embedded map where the pin of the location of your business appears.

For my part, this is all about social media tricks to improve the management of your social networks . However, you know that in this blog it is the custom of the house to share knowledge about digital marketing, and everything that concerns it: SEO, Social Media, SEM, e-mail marketing ..

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