What is Google BERT Update – How it affects on SEO Strategy

What is Google BERT Update – How it affects on SEO Strategy

What is Google Bert? When is BERT used? Latest Google Algorithm Update Of Natural Language Processing

Welcome BERT Algorithm – Google finally announced the most important update to improve the search results. This update will impact 10% of search queries. 

Bert Will Impact 1 in 10 of all search queries. It is the biggest change in the Search engine, Google released after Rankbrain update.

What is Google Bert and how it impacts the SEO and Content Strategy? 

Google’s latest search algorithm update is to a better understanding of natural Language.

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representation From Transformers. In Short, BERT can help computers to understand a bit more like humans understand the language. It will impact all of the search queries and also on featured snippets. Somewhere, it will affect on ranking. 

So basically it will understand that what exactly users are looking for, BERT understands each word in the queries and showing results in SERPs – Search Engine Result Page.

As I understand the concept of Google BERT what is exactly it is –  how to optimize and how to make website/content as per google BERT.

BERT is Natural language/Learning that user can understand easily, we have to deliver content as direct as possible. 

In BERT update when users put a query on the search engine so BERT breaks it down word by word, they understand each and every word in the query that what actually users are looking for.

Here Some Points : – 

  • We have to write for users, not for the search engine – Simple, Briefly and cleared content ( As also part of Rankbrain – Artificial intelligence – Panda updates.) 

                BERT is about to understand the Website/Content of what exactly users are looking for

  • We have to focus on the naturalness of content – like also we have to keep the focus on keywords density, keyword placement, keyword stuffing, etc. but more focus on natural content that the user can get the answer easily of his query.  
  • We have to avoid premium and unnecessary words. Users should get straight answers to their questions.
  • Make FAQs for user engagement. This method also helps us with ranking. 
  • BERT understands each and every word of the query. 
  • Quality is important over quantity.
  • Simply BERT understands the query and gives the result as per the user point of view not as per robotics language it gives the result as per natural language.   

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