An Introduction about Google Algorithms updates

An Introduction about Google Algorithms updates

Today we will talk about Google Algorithm Updates and will know about what Google Algorithm and its major updates are.

Google keeps making changes in its core algorithm because it wants to give a good experience to the user, then the change in this core algorithm is what we call Google’s Updates.

You already know how many websites get information about one thing on the Internet. The same type of information is found on millions of websites. But how will Google find out which websites users will like the information of the most? Which website is the best for users, so Google uses the Algorithm to make all these things easy.

The first question is what is the Algorithm?

An Algorithm is the rules or conditions that we follow. This is a very complex system with the help of which we easily deliver information to our users by retrieving it from the search engine. These search engines use a combination of many ranking signals to show relevant web pages SERP according to their rank.

Google Algorithm Update is not a new thing for bloggers. Why?

 Because they must have heard about Google and SEO updates in their blogging career. One of the reasons for creating the Google Algorithm is that it has good SEO practices. 

The right SEO practices mean that you should not use any illegal means or you can also call it black hat SEO.

These Blackhat SEO can give you instant results but it will not be for a long time and you can rank your content or posts in Google immediately, but it will all be temporary.

Just to curb these illegal activities, Google has made its algorithm even better with the new SEO updates so that it can curb the illegal methods of bloggers, internet marketers, and other bots.

If you are using these methods then you too will definitely fall prey to these new SEO updates.

“ Which website has to be ranked down and whose to raise, it all depends on Google algorithm. Google makes changes to its algorithm many times. ”

Every day some new update keep coming from Google, in this post, we will cover all the main updates which are very important to know.

                               Updates                  Released Date
Google Bert Update25th October 2019
Google Fred Update                  9th March 2017
Google Possum Update            1 September 2016
Google RankBrain Update     26th October 2015
Mobilegeddon Update                21 April 2015
Google Pigeon Update               24th July 2014
Google Hummingbird        22nd August 2013
Google Payday Loan Update     11 June 2013
Google EMD Domain                 10th September 2012
Google Pirate Update                 08 August 2012
Google Penguin Update             24th April 2012
Google Panda Update                24th February 2011
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