What is a domain and why do you need it?

What is a domain and why do you need it?

Domain name: Choosing the perfect name

At the beginning of a successful website there is the choice of the domain name. In this article you can read what you should pay attention to when choosing your perfect domain name.

What is a domain and why do you need it?

Every server on the Internet has an address through which it can be reached: the IP address.

The IP address consists of 4 blocks of numbers separated by dots, e.g.

After almost all possible combinations of numbers have been used for IP addresses, there is also a new format with which even more IP addresses are available.

The new format consists of eight blocks (one or more consecutive blocks with the value zero can be omitted) and allows certain letter/number combinations. Eg – 2a00: 1158: 0: 100 :: 16

It is almost impossible to remember these combinations. Therefore there are domain names.


The domain name www.seogearup.com is hidden behind the IP addresses mentioned above.

If the user enters the domain name in his browser, the IP address is queried in the background, which then leads to the correct website. The user does not notice anything, he just has to remember the domain name.

Which domain names can users remember well?

Generally speaking, the shorter the better. For domain names like


many users find it difficult to remember them. Shorter variants like


are therefore more recommendable. There is only one problem: The “good”, short domain names are usually already occupied. To counteract this problem, there have recently been new domain extensions that significantly expand the range of domain names.

Use our domain check to test whether your desired domain is still available.

Which domain extension is the right one?

The most popular so far are the “classics”: in India.in and worldwide .com, but also the new domain extensions are very popular. According to the content of the website, you could also register a domain with one of the new domain extensions.

If you run a flower shop, you could choose a .florist domain, while .camera or .photography might be interesting for photographers.

Is a domain enough?

In principle, a domain on which the website is displayed is sufficient.

Depending on the domain name, it may be advisable to register additional domains that forward to the actual domain.

Domain names with a vowel

Domains with a vowel (IDN domains) have become increasingly popular and can be reached in the most common browsers as well as other domains. However, since this does not apply to all browsers and especially email programs, the use of a domain with an umlaut is only recommended as an additional domain.

Typing-prone domains

It is generally not advisable to choose a name whose spelling causes many problems. However, if this cannot be avoided, you could order the domain with the wrong spelling and forward it to the correct domain. It would be a shame to have fewer visitors just because they make a mistake.

With hyphen – without the hyphen

It is not a must, but also not wrong, to have both: If there are several words in your domain name, you can separate them with hyphens. To make it easier for visitors, you can register the domain with and without hyphens and forward one to the other.

Multiple domain

If you offer a website in several languages, for example, you could save the name with different domain endings (.in/ .com / .au / .es etc.).

Is the domain name easy to understand?

It’s easy to find out: just speak a few volunteer test subjects to the mailbox and check whether they can then type it correctly.

Should the domain be better with or without www. to be named?

We have domains with and without www. reachable. For most people, however, it is much easier to see on business cards, for example, that it is a website if the www. is specified with:

You can find our information on seogearup.com.

For many, the reference to our website is not as clear as here

You can find our information at www.seogearup.com

Can the desired domain be registered?

Before registering a domain, you should check whether you are allowed to do so – that is, whether there is a trademark right or other rights being infringed.

However, the online tools do not guarantee 100% security. In case of doubt, it is, therefore, advisable to contact a legal advisor.

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